If you found a dog

Look at the dog thoroughly, you may find something to identify him (chip, tattoo, or a tag on his collar), so you can easily find the owner. The physical and mental condition of the dog can give you some information about whether he has been on the street for a long time and if someone is searching for him or not.

If he is in bad condition, he may have been on the street for a longer while and he might be far from his home or there is no one searching for him. If he is in good condition he may live close to the place where you found him. You should walk around in the neighborhood, maybe someone recognizes him. It can be very useful to put out posters at the veterinarians, dog beauty shops and pet shops nearby. Inform the shelter homes or dog catchers near you, you may find the owner through them.

Advertise the dog! Give information in the advertisement about the color, size, age, gender, type, behavior, where and when you found him, where and who the owner has to contact to get his dog back. If it is possible, include a photo, it can help a lot. Radio channels and newspapers in the area can help you with that. You can also put out posters in the neighborhood.

Send us information about the dog you found, we may know him as a lost dog or we can help you find a new owner. Tell us if you want to keep him in case we don’t find the owner. You have a lot of possibilities to find a new owner via the internet. You can also find ideas about that under Links. As we don’t have a shelter home, our job is quite hard, so we ask you to be patient.

If you lost your dog
If you lost your dog, you should start searching for him immediately! Walk around your neighborhood and the streets you used to walk together. Put out posters, someone may see him and help you find him.
Inform the shelter homes and “flayers” near you, you may bump in him.

Advertise the dog! Give information in the advertisement, about the color, size, age, gender, type, behavior, where and when you lost him, where and who the founder can contact to give him back to you. If it is possible, include a photo in the advertisement, it can help a lot. Ask radio channels and newspapers in the area to help you.

Send us information, description and photo so we can contact you if someone finds him.
There are a lot of homepages dealing with lost and found dogs, you should write there and see is someone finds him. You can find ideas in Links.

If I have to part with your dog
If you know you have to part your retriever in the near future (illness or so) you should start to search for a new owner in time. The radio, newspapers, placards are all useful to help you by that. Ask your friends or acquaintances if they know someone who would like to take care for him, wants a dog.

Send us information; we may know someone, who provides an ideal home for your dog. Please give us all details about your dog (name, type, age, gender, behavior, and photo) and how we can contact you (phone number, address, e-mail, and so on).

About an owner’s responsible attitude
We hope, you are aware of these obvious things, but if you aren’t, we really hope you will take our advice and take better care of your dog. If you decide to adopt or buy an animal, please consider his needs and the responsibility you take(obligations you assume). A dog lives 10 or 15 years with you, please remember that.

The dog needs a suitable place to live. He need at least a big garden or long walks several times a day. They like warm flats and houses, and they really appreciate every little attention you pay for them, and they love you for that.
You need to feed, vaccinate and exempt him from parasites. If he is sick, you need to get him cured, buy him the needed equipments, treat him good and so on. Sometimes it costs a lot, but if you buy a dog you need to consider all these things.

He needs frequent deal, your company, your love and guidance. He has to know the most obvious orders like his “name”, “come here”, “stay”, “don’t” and so on. There are other task he should understand, like “sit down”, “lay down”, that can help you live together easily, and a lot of other things that makes a happy time spent together.

About walking:
Mainly on the countryside there is an olden habit, to let the dog run out to the street and go for a walk alone. People think it is a way of moving the dog. But it isn’t. It is a very bad and dangerous habit, because it can cause other people and their dogs some mess (even to you). If you go for a walk with him, always keep him under control, lead him on a leash and you should only let him go on a desert, safe place, if you are sure he will come back for the first order, so he is under cover. If your dog isn’t reliable, snapper he should always wear a muzzle on the street (though it isn’t any typical at retrievers). If you go for a walk with him, always take a net-bag with to clean up the mess your dog caused. It can help keeping the area clean and we are obligated to do so according to the regional regulations.

Family planning:
In Hungary there are approx. 1 and a half million stray dog. Most of the people don’t want to breed dog and doesn’t buy his own dog for that so they don’t want to deal with the puppies.

Please have another think about that and don’t let your dog have unwanted puppies. We consider the safest way to solve that to spay her, if you never want to have puppies. Some illness can be prevented with it that can turn up in her olden days. It is misbelieve that it changes their behavior. But you don’t have some bad days twice a year because of other dogs that wants to get in your garden, and barks all night long, and so on.

If you adopt a dog from us, you need to know that our dogs are either already spayed or you need to sign a contract that also contains you will spay her or him. If we are talking about a male, it can help you get the dominance back a bit, they calm down a bit, they don’t put so many signs in the garden and they don’t chase bitches so much. All these kind of behavior problems can be softened by the spaying of male dogs. The intensity of that can depend on the age at spaying. You can prevent some illnesses at male dogs too, like lounger cancer and so on.


We’d like to come at the point when all the dogs that lost but is awaited at home can get home very-very quickly. We need your help by that, because you are the only one to solve your dogs’ personal identification. We can find you that way if you loose your dog. Personal identification can be a tattoo at registered dogs that can disappear as time goes by. You can put a collar on your dog, with your name and phone number on a tag. You can write your number and name directly to the inner side of collar too, the point is to be easy to find and to read. Because the collar isn’t the safest method too, it can be stolen, lost or so we can advice you a better solution.

In Europe lot of us already use a small chip to identify the dogs. It is a tiny thing injected under the skin. It won’t disturb your dog, it’s passive and it works while your dog lives. It only sends signs when you have a decoder that hardly all veterinarians do have. And all the registered veterinarians can put a chip in your dog.

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