I'm sure you know what a terribly helpless feeling it is to see a dog of our favourite breed in distress. It's terribly to know that he is on the street or in an asylum lacking and being in danger or he could be put down.

The idea and need of rescuing retrievers was working in us for 2 years, when we slowly started to organize something in the summer of 2005. Slowly a team started to formulate.

We tried to find the best way to create a well-organized and efficiently working team from 3 places in the country through the internet. As we saw other teams like ours working for other breeds efficiently, we asked them for some good advice. They shared great ideas with us and as we started to cooperate we were able to make one step forward day by day. We were only 3 at the beginning and now the team has been growing more and more.

The Hungarian Labrador Retriever Association and The Golden Retriever Circle ensured us about their support. We share the same aim that is to show people a responsible way of owning an animal, a retriever and to support quality breeding. Keeping all retrievers in Hungary in a safe and loving home is essential. We have a very long way to go but we believe that though joint efforts we will be able to succeed. We are aware that because of the huge number of stray dogs we can only solve the emergency cases.

There is an ever increasing number of dogs that need to be rescued because of irresponsible "breeding". They are not good kennel dogs, and they are in very bad condition. Their puppies go out to new homes without any control, even to less responsible owners sometimes. These dogs do harm to the reputation of the breed and often end up on the streets or in asylums. It is also important how retriever owners react to the problem of dogs in need. It also qualifies the retriever owners' society; so it is very important that if someone finds a retriever, he should find someone to turn to.

Information about being a responsible owner, choosing a puppy or the characteristics of a retriever can easily be accessed on the internet. At the "Links" you can find a lot of useful websites about these topics, in case you would like to own this incredible breed now. At "Happy endings" you may read stories about dogs that found a new home with our help. Some of them have become work-dogs like guide-dogs, truffle-finders or therapy-dogs. However, most have become "mere" pets. You may also find inspiration to adopt one of these dogs.

They could adapt to normal family life without any problems even at an adult age, and changing family still does less harm than living in asylums or in the street. With these stories you can see what a great change you can make in a dogs' life with even a small effort. You can find ways of supporting the dogs under "help wanted".

Our team is still quite small so if you feel like joining us, do not hesitate. You are more than welcome to join Retriever Rescue. Thank you for sympathizing with our aims.

We hope to achieve them with you.

The Retriever Rescue Team

Contact : help@retriever.hu , T: Márti Zsarnóczay +36 70 366 9575
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