Labrador Retriever & Golden Retriever

These two cheerful, rightly popular and beloved breeds have much more than just the charming, lovely appearance...

Retrievers were bred for hunting and they still have their basic instinct, character and ability to complete this task. Nowadays they are used for this purpose only by few people. But because of their captivating features, they can make a great family dog.

Labrador or Golden retrievers with their kind nature, attention and will for pleasing people will bring you happiness in every minute. They are absolutely devoted companions, patient and facetious playmates for the kids, whereas they are really attentive with the people who need more tolerant behavior and more gentle movements. It is not by chance that they are the ones that are used as guide-dogs for the blind or handicapped people, search and rescue dogs, or even therapy dogs. They are very easy-learners; they are clever, agile, open and sensitive to learn new things. They learn everything very fast and you just need to direct them depending on what situation you wish to use them in.

Both of the breeds are attached to humans very much and they extremely enjoy and also need the nearness and company of people.

Their adaptable nature and high tolerance help you keep them in the flat or in the garden too, even with other dogs. Or they can be kept in kennels (but just for a short while, they’re NOT kennel dogs), but they are the happiest when they can be with you and your family.

They love taking part in the family life and in programs like excursions, dog trainings, and so on.

You can make sure that you will have a helpful and inventive dog with a sense of humor if you choose one of these two breeds. They will guarantee adventure and colorful programs.

They naturally lack shyness and aggression that is already monitored by the demanding breeders. Just as all other types, they have the deviant representatives both in behavior and appearance. So you should be aware of the main and typical attributes of the breed and choose a dog according to that.

If you want to keep a family dog from one of these two breeds, you won’t need any special knowledge. You only need to give them good quality food, vaccinate them, and care for their fur. They are prone to obesity, but with the owner’s strong will it can be easily kept under control. They are basically resistant and healthy breeds, however like all other breeds, they have their own genetic diseases that can be cut back in the breeding process with strict selection. These are easily detectable with x-raying. We hope that more and more people have their retrievers x-rayed even if they are just a family dog, because if you recognize the potential problem in time, you won’t be surprised when the dog is an adult or old, but you will be able to exercise and feed them properly.

Finally we’d like to ensure you, that according to us (fans, breeders and keepers of the breed) they are the loveliest and most wonderful dogs in the world, but we are all aware of their shortcomings. These breeds are already quite popular so we don’t need to popularize them. But we do pay attention to get every shelter dog a family that really loves, respects them and provides them all circumstances to be happy dogs, just as they deserve to be.

They are primarily family dogs, companions, so if you wish to choose one of them, please consider that.

We RECOMMEND retrievers for people...

Who want to have a dog that is intelligent, sensitive, and emphatic and has a good sense of humor, and who makes sure he admires his owner and remains faithful to him/her and that he is willing to please the owner and their family in every minute and every situation. Who love nature and creative programs with dogs and are keen on walking. Who understand the naughty things a retriever does in their first year. Who tolerate that their dog likes every form of water (mud, puddle, etc.) and it will be visible on their clothes. Who can be consequent about the feeding of a dog that when looking into their eyes they communicate they are going to die of hunger.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND retrievers for people...
Who want to have a dog that is garden decoration, who don’t really love nature, don’t want the dogs’ nearness, and don’t want to deal with the dog whenever they can. Who don’t like when a dog wallows, or stares longing at the food on the table at restaurants or at the dining table at home. It is not a problem, if the dog is not their ideal partner but they have to decide in time, recognize their possibilities and expectations towards a dog. It doesn’t mean they are a bad person; just that a retriever doesn’t suit them. There are hundreds of breeds of dogs so they can choose the best. We have the chance to choose, our dog doesn’t. He lives where and the way we want him.
So if we choose cautiously, we can save ourselves and our dog from disappointment...

We hope Retriever fans hold on to that breed of dogs and we can welcome more and more fans. It is no exaggeration to say that these dogs were born to make people happy.

Good luck for choosing a dog and we wish you a happy life with full of doggy adventures.

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