We need your help

Have you ever seen a stray retriever and you wanted to help?
You wanted to help, but didn't know how?

If your answer is yes, support us, to help them together!

Every little help can save lives! The job we took up takes lot of time and energy. We would like to show you how to help these dogs if you feel symphaty towards breed rescue.

If you are a breeder, make a comprehensive check before you choose the prospective owners of the puppy. Telling them how to be responsible owners will help a lot. Write down where each puppy (tatoo, chip number) goes, because this can help us to reach those owners too who didn't register the dog to their name. It's a sad thing, but a lot of breeders don't keep any record of the puppys.

Put our link to your website please! Promote Retriever Rescue! http://help.retriever.hu  
If you find someone, who can't afford a good breed puppy but hopefully would be a responsible owner, direct him to us. We'll contact him and find the best soulution.

Medical treatment, pansions, spaying and delivering requires a huge amount of money. Our financial resources are quite poor which limits our possibilities about how and what we can do for the dogs that need help.
You can help them by sending donation to the following accounts.
Golden Retriever Kör: 10403136-31307884-00000000

Please write to the comment section: FAJTAMENTÉS
Even the smallest amount is a great help! We can only think long-term if we have regular donations even if smaller amounts.

Where to deliver the stray or shelter dogs is a frequent problem. We have just a few foster homes, and they are limited too. (Just for bitches or so.) If you have free room, take up to care for a rescued dog helping him get out of the asylum. Retrievers are especially human loving dogs so these kinds of places affect them very badly. Therefore if they can live in a normal family until they find their own would be a much better solution. Of course we only take dogs to foster homes who are vaccinated and healty, so they won't cause a problem to your own dog. We will try to support you with food, delivering, and medical treatment to help you in this decision.

Delivering dogs from asylums to foster homes, to the vet or to the final owners used to cause some problems. If you have a car, we ask you to support us with delivering; it's would be a great help.

You can help even with your competence.
Our aim is to build a nationwide network of competent members. Not all the asylums and animal rescuers know all the breeds of dogs so we receive a lot of reports about retrievers that we can only check when we already promised to take them to new owners. But they are not even like retrievers. We all feel sorry for the dogs like this but as we are short of resources we can't help them as much as we would like to. When something happens near you, take up to go and see the dog, take a photo or characterize it with your competence. You can help us work more efficiently this way.

Help the shelter dogs to get an own family
You can do it either with advertising, with posters or any other way you feel like. Of course we will give you all information you may need to support you in that.

Everyone is welcome to join us to help the dogs. You can do it either these ways or if you have any new idea you're more than welcome to share it with us.

Contact : help@retriever.hu , T: Márti Zsarnóczay +36 70 366 9575
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