Maszat, Ivette and Panka

When I was a child I had a dream. In my dream I had a golden retriever. After our old sheepdog had passed away I started to think about adopting a dog. I didn't want a puppy, because I attended university so I wouldn't have been able to spend enough time with her during the daytime. Browsing the adoptable dogs I found Maszat, and according to the information given, I fell in love with her immediately. She was the third dog in a family with small children, so they didn't have enough time for her. She became a non-trained, gnawing, jumping, little bit deviant dog.

She moved to me when she was one and a half years old. I petted her, and dealt with her as much as I could, in the most consistent way I could. At the end she completely changed. Now she is a clever, fantastic personality, and I'm glad to have her with me. A few months later we were thinking about purchasing another dog, so that Maszat wouldn't be left alone completely alone when we had to go to work. I started to look for an older dog again. That's when I bumped in Retriever Rescue. There were two older dogs (aged 6 and 7, a mother and her daughter). They seemed to be too old and unteachable for my parents, and three dogs were too many anyway.Because she was well trained, Ivette (the younger one) finally succeeded to convince my parents and she moved to us in August.

Needless to say all of the family members came to like her soon and they changed their mind about dogs and their training. Even if it sounds strange, this breed is very teachable even at that age. They were a great team with Maszat! We were absolutely overjoyed! But as time went by I realized Ivette was sometimes a bit sad. She wasn't as happy as I thought. She missed something or rather someone. As I thought it over, she had lived her whole life with her mother and now she was separated from her and her former owner. I tried to pay to her more attention, treat her better, and make her happy. A few months later I got an email from her former owner saying that Ivette's mother, Panka was in trouble. Panka wasn't as lucky as Ivette and she didn't have a good home. The former owner asked me to help find a new family to adopt her.

Through these months with Maszat and Ivette my parents came to like these dogs so much that they changed their mind about living with a dog, so they allowed me to adopt Panka too. So in January, 2007 she arrived to us, and now everyone has been really happy ever since. In the first few days Maszat felt a bit sad, because she lost her leading position in the pack, but by now she has got used to that and they already love each other with Panka. So within a bit more than half a year I adopted 3 retrievers, surpassing my childhood. It is a fantastic feeling to walk in the park with them day by day, letting them go, and seeing them run around. They're so happy about the game, the ball, nature, the treat and the love they get. And I can tell they are so joyful and they say thanks with their eyes for being together. There is no nicer feeling for a dog owner than this. In addition to this I found that my former ideas about training older dogs were completely wrong. They are still teachable at the age of 6 or even 8, especially if they love people as much as retrievers do.

I'm lucky to know the past of my dogs. As I've been rescuing retrievers for a while, I always experience that dogs call still be trained no matter their age. They only need love and care, and they will do anything their family wants. But of course they lie on their back first, to get some "belly scratching" that they had such a long time ago or maybe never before. I remember an old dog becoming young again when he fell in love with the neighbors' dog at his new home. And here at home my two-year-old Maszat did the same to Ivette and Panka, somewhat making them younger again, so age in itself determines nothing.



illusztrációFirst of all I must admit I never considered becoming an owner of a retriever. Frankly, I never liked this type of dog. Once I even said "I don't even want a Labrador, because they're all too fat". But after a while I had the chance to foster dogs. I looked around to see who needs my help most. I thought I would foster a young and small dog. And finally I found her on a webpage full of adoptable dogs.

I started to arrange immediately to get this dog so that I can take care of and foster her. She was mere skin and bone. Though she was hardly one year old she had already had puppies. The dogcatcher caught her with her breast full of milk and took her to a shelter home where she encountered not much better conditions.

As we went there to take her home and I saw her, I thought she wasn't a Labrador; she was so small and looked so miserable. As we arrived home everyone petted her, which she didn't particularly like. She was a lonely, reserved dog. She was fostered by me for just a week, but we knew from the first sight, that we belonged together and that I wouldn't give her to anyone.From that time Lotti opened up, she is very clever and we have learned a lot of things from each other. We are together almost around the clock. I always take her with me everywhere I can, and sometimes she comes with me to places where she isn't allowed to. Now our life changed a lot, and we moved to France for 2 times 8 month, so we live a divided life. In the summer we are here in Hungary and in the winter we are in France. But Lotti doesn't care; she loves to be with us, wherever we are. In France we live in the mountains, she walks in streams and runs around. Here in Hungary we live on the Danube bank where she swims a lot in a small bay.

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